Garden Book Overview

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A Garden Book for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast

Since it was first published in 1929, more than eight decades ago, A Garden Book for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast has been the authoritative go-to book on gardening for Houstonians and Texas Gulf Coast residents.

This fifth revised edition, written and edited by Lynn M. Herbert, has been entirely updated, expanded, and colorfully redesigned. In the process, information in the book was reviewed by over 100 professionals in related fields and by knowledgeable resident gardeners, men and women who generously donated their efforts to make this an invaluable resource for seasoned gardeners as well as neophytes and newcomers to the region.

This edition, still in its handbook format, propels its content into the twenty-first century with a new emphasis on environmentally friendly gardening and native plants, including:

Exhaustive plant lists describing the newest varieties as well as old favorites, with essential designations of plants native to the Houston and Texas Gulf Coast area

Easy-to-read tables, full of details about caring for hundreds of local plants

User-friendly information about your soil and how to make it most productive

Chapters on major plant categories joined by additional chapters devoted to in-depth tips on azaleas, cacti and other succulents, camellias, ferns, and roses, along with the all-new “Grasses and Bamboos” and “Palms and Cycads” chapters

A new emphasis on “The Edible Garden” with expanded chapters covering “Herbs,” “Vegetables,” and “Fruit and Nut Trees”

Complete landscape instructions on how to plan and design your garden to fit your lot and your lifestyle, from a shaded setting to a fragrant garden, an oasis by the Gulf, a container garden, or plants to attract birds and butterflies

Updated ideas on drainage, pruning, watering, and lawns and lawn alternatives

A newly revised look at coping with “Weather Extremes” such as freezes, hurricanes, or droughts

An encyclopedic index that includes both botanical and common names

672 pages with 435 color photographs of flowers, plants, and gardens – the cream of the crop from the coastal area

Beloved and consulted for generations and called by many the bible of Houston gardening, A Garden Book is now even more indispensable. This latest edition reaffirms the commitment of the River Oaks Garden Club to preserving our environment, promoting sustainability, and planting with a purpose.